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Speed Watch Volunteers Needed for WPC

The Parish Council are looking for volunteers to conduct community speed watch activities in Wendover. A lot of concern has been raised by residents that people are driving too fast along certain roads. In order for repeat culprits to be reprimanded we need to run a series of speed watching activities in the community. The only pre-requirement is to attend a one off 15-minute training session at the Clock Tower, going forward you would just need to collect and set the speed camera up at the designated position. Thereafter you and your speed watch partner can sit back and watch the camera do its magic.  The speed watch activity can be held for any length of time so if you only have an hour to spare this would be helpful.

‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!’ – Helen Keller

Please email admin@wendover-pc.gov.uk for more info.