HS2 Construction Commissioner

If you are seeking a fair and independent resolution a to HS2 construction complaint, please contact the HS2 Construction Commissioner.

The Commissioner’s role is to provide independent, impartial decisions. This will be important in ensuring a fair and balanced approach to cases that cannot be resolved through the normal complaints process. The Construction Commissioner will also be able to provide advice to members of the public on how to complain.

The interim HS2 Construction Commissioner is Gareth Epps. Gareth has wide experience of major projects and dispute resolution gained over the last 20 years. He was an elected local councillor for ten years and has a decade’s experience of developing community relations for the Crossrail project. His role is independent of HS2 Ltd, the non-departmental public body responsible for developing and promoting the proposals for the railway (and also the Nominated Undertaker for Phase.

For more information please refer to the dedicated website: https://hs2-cc.org.uk