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Did you know Wendover has 8 defibrillators? Defibrillators save lives!

Did you know there are 8 defibrillators in Wendover?

You only have minutes to save a life!

Call 999 > Start CPR > Get to a defibrillator

What is a defibrillator?

A defibrillator is a very safe and easy to use electronic device which is designed to be used by anyone. It automatically reads the heart rhythm of someone who may have suffered a cardiac arrest and diagnoses if an electrical shock is required to restore a normal heart rhythm. If it is required, a defibrillator will allow you to safely deliver a controlled electrical shock to the heart. It is impossible to give a shock to the heart of someone who does not need one, the defibrillator will only deliver a shock if the heart requires one.

In an emergency where you believe someone has suffered from a cardiac arrest – they will be unconscious with no visible signs of life, call 999 immediately and the operator will direct you to the nearest defibrillator and give you the access details.

 Why should I not just wait for an ambulance before doing anything?

Calling 999 is crucial to get professional help on the way. However, for every minute that passes without early CPR and defibrillation, there is a 10% drop in the chances of survival. UK NHS Ambulances are targeted to reach people suffering a cardiac arrest within 8 minutes, nevertheless they may encounter challenges such as traffic congestion, difficult access, crowds and travelling to remote areas which can delay their arrival on scene. The sooner CPR and a defibrillator are used, the more effective trained medical staff can be when they arrive.