Wendover Parish Council is the fundamental tier of local government in the parish. The parish is situated in the administrative area of Aylesbury Vale District within the County of Buckinghamshire.

Members of the public are very welcome to attend any of its meetings and are given the opportunity to make comments and observations during the period set aside for public participation.

The Council decides on its projects for the coming financial year, works out the cost (precept) and informs Aylesbury Vale District Council of the amount it will need to raise through the Council Tax.

Wendover Parish Council employs staff to look after our recreation grounds in Hampden Meadow, Rope Walk Meadow & Orchard, Ashbrook (Castle Park) as well as Witchell Meadow. In addition to this they also keep the allotments on Hogtrough Lane and London Road tidy and maintain Hampden Pond. Our grounds staff are also responsible for making sure that our play areas are safe.

The Parish Council

  • looks after the recreation grounds at Hampden Meadow, Ashbrook and Witchell Meadow (leased by Wendover Cricket Club)
  • looks after Hampden Pond and sells fishing permits to anglers
  • maintains some rights of way in the parish and liaises with the County Council to keep footpaths accessible
  • maintains and provides street lighting in most of the residential areas. Bucks County Council looks after the highway lights on the main roads.
  • organises events and markets on the Manor Waste
  • makes comments and represents the views of people in Wendover on planning applications
  • looks after The Clock Tower and the Manor Waste.

All Parish Council meetings are open to the public so why not come along and find out what is going on in your parish? The meetings are generally held in St. Anne’s Hall, Wendover and last approximately two hours.

See a report on what the Parish Council achieved in 2017/18 here.